12 Growth hacking tricks to land your Dream 100 clients for $5 of Ad Spend/Day

Most entrepreneurs follow the regular marketing approach, the funnel Kotler program doesn’t work every time, Marketers still believe in AIDA model that throwing spaghetti against the wall and see what sticks, Or let’s try a bunch of things and see what works and what doesn’t.

Here are 12 hacking tricks that will force you to change your marketing approach

  1. Shortlist top 100 clients who want to work with you.
  2. Mapp them against the contact details you already have.
  3. Connect with them on LinkedIn with a personalized message ‘I’ve always admired your work at [company], and I would love to connect here.’
  4. Once they are connected on LinkedIn, get them engaged regularly with relevant content.
  5. Use Hunter.io or RocketReach.co if anyone of them are not on LinkedIn.
  6. Once you have all data of the dream 100 audience, upload them on Facebook as a custom audience.
  7. Start feeding useful content to your audience, this sets you up as an authority and expert.
  8. Set $5/day to spend and boost your Facebook Ads to your dream 100 audience.
  9. Publish the same content on LinkedIn so that your new connections from dream 100 audience will see your content.
  10. Once your Dream 100 audiences are engaged with your 1st set of content, revise your messaging with the call to action to drive sales.
  11. Pick up the top list from dream clients and follow up 1-1 while the campaign is running to see if the interest takes them to the next conversation.
  12. Once the cycle is completed, repeat the same sequence.

This story originally featured on Entrepreneur.com

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