16 Growth-hack Marketing tips in 2020, Marketers Must Need It

Well, considering the dramatic breakouts in 2020 so far, this year seems tough for everyone specially for Marketers. Marketing is the first impacted function in any organizations as they get asked to cut down their marketing budget.

Having said that there are few growth hack strategies for 2020

  1. Educate with your content
  2. Personalize your marketing messages
  3. Let data drive your creative
  4. Invest in original research
  5. Regular content Updation
  6. Try subscribing to HARO
  7. Expand your guest blogging opportunities
  8. Leverage video content
  9. Livestream
  10. Try explainer videos
  11. Host or join podcasts
  12. Prioritize local SEO
  13. Set up automated email marketing campaigns
  14. Prepare for voice technology
  15. Test out augmented reality
  16. Use smart bidding

This story for originally featured on Wordstream.com

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