5 steps can master you in modern MarTech landscape

In last 90 days, Internet searches have increased to 70% and streaming searches by 12% (Forbes), their demands of digital inventories are on fire and Digital marketers need to revisit their MarTech stack and choose which marketing tool can buy it better than build it inhouse.

However, how do we go about not just choosing right

·   Email service program but not data-cleansing vendor,

·   Partner for GDPR compliance set up, deliverability reporting

·   Real-time images or copy in email?

Here are 5 steps can help you decide what best fit for your MarTech landscape

1.  Stick to what you need, not what’s cool

2.  Get stakeholder buy-in first.

3.  Ask around.

4.  Evaluate your recommendations.

5.  Keep an eye on the cost.

Though the information may seem tedious to gather, but it will help you navigate the complex and confusing landscape of marketing technology.Read more about this article on Martechtoday.com

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