Are you on a budget travel? Try these 6 apps

Are you on a budget travel? Try these 6 apps

Check out these 6 travel apps for budget travellers that can help you plan your next trip and also save some money.

1. Tripcoin – An expense-tracking app that also works offline, is best for international travellers who aren’t buying a local SIM card. It comes with geo-location feature to breakdown expenses by country

2. Skiplagged – It capitalizes on a loophole airlines hate: hidden-city ticketing

3. Splitwise – It helps to keep track of who owes what to whom

4. Hopper – It monitors daily flight and hotel prices and predicts how prices will change

5. HotelTonight – It allows travellers to arrange last-minute accommodations, often at lower prices

6. AirHelp – It determines if the airline owes you money caused due to lost luggage, delayed or cancelled flights, and then sends you the money.

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