COVID19: The New Prisoner?

There is no doubt COVID19 came from bats in the wild. Pre COVID19, bats already harbored CoVs with the ability to infect humans without adaptation. Plenty of slow cooking time with endo and exogenous triggers along the way caused recombination of necessary and supplemental traits for receptor binding and proteolytic activation.

We’ve Nattered about crowded environments, transmission, seasonal flu numbers, mortality rates, imagined vs real, the backdraft of draconian measures, predicted “superspreader” events, pigs in a poke, monetary policy, pre-existing conditions, a lack of global leadership, social habits, cultures, mutation, second hand stupidity, unknown knowns, things that seemingly come out of the blue and a collective tabula rasa, all of which have “conspired” in many ways to allow a mischievous Jinn out of it’s bottle. Unlike others, this was not to imply that COVID19 is much ado about nothing.

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