Gene Cernan Was The Last Man On The Moon. The Cuff Checklist He Used To Make Off-The-Cuff Remarks There Is Up For Auction.

Gene Cernan Was The Last Man On The Moon.

Apollo 17 Commander Eugene Cernan knew he had the chance to say something important – and be heard – when he set out on the last manned flight to the moon. So on the bottom of the last page of his sleeve-mounted cuff checklist for EVA-3, the last moon walk, he hand-wrote crib notes to prompt him.

Before climbing back into the Lunar Module on December 14, 1972, Cernan delivered these two sentences.

“I think probably one of the most significant things we can think about when we think about Apollo is that it has opened for us—’for us’ being the world—a challenge of the future. The door is now cracked, but the promise of the future lies in the young people, not just in America, but the young people all over the world learning to live and learning to work together.”

America hasn’t been back to the moon since and Cernan passed away in 2017. But he kept his cuff checklist, which auctioneer RR Auction will offer as part of its space and aviation auction starting this week. Bidding opens Thursday and ends October 15.

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