Qualcomm has launched a new 5G and AI-enabled robotics platform

Qualcomm has launched a new 5G and AI-enabled robotics platform that supports developers and manufacturers to create the next generation of high-compute, low-power robots and drones for the consumer, enterprise, defense, industrial, and professional service sectors.

The Qualcomm ‘Robotics RB5’ platform covers a wide-ranging set of hardware, software and development tools. 

Currently, over 30 companies are developing necessary hardware and software to enable various robotics applications with this platform

QRB5165 help to fast-track growth in a wide range of robotics segments such as autonomous mobile robots (AMR), delivery, inspection, inventory, industrial, collaborative robots and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs),”

The ‘QRB5165’ robotics processor enables AI, ML, enhanced computer vision, multi-camera concurrency with advanced ISPs, while supporting industrial-grade temperature range and security at every layer.

With support for 4G and 5G connectivity speeds via a companion module, the Qualcomm Robotics RB5 platform helps cover the way for the production of 5G in robotics and intelligent systems.

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