States partnering with Google, Apple for COVID-19 tracing technology

Alabama, North Dakota and South Carolina have all partnered up with Google and Apple to participate in technology that could track whether you have come in contact with someone who has COVID-19.

CBS affiliate WIAT reported that the three states will have access to the apps available through Apple and Google updates. The apps will reportedly use Bluetooth technology to help governments reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

According to the companies, if a person were to test postive for the virus, the app would notify the people they came in contact with.

“Contact tracing is crucial. We know, 100%, that if we could test everyone and find those people that are asymptotically carrying this, our numbers would decline rapidly. With the quarantine of those patients, we would eliminate a lot of the spread,” said Dr. Amy Bentley Illescas, a board-certified internist.

Illescas said since it is impossible to test everyone, contact tracing is the next best thing. “This is huge, such a big break for us to be able to participate in this in our state is incredibly important.”

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