Tons of Opportunities for SMEs and Startups in Manufacturing, Logistics and Supply Chain

The lockdown enforced in response to the COVID-19 pandemic had consequences that resonated in every corner of India. Household, farm, shop, office, or factory, none of these could escape. And off-course we will have short-term and long-term impact of lockdown and the New Normal has become a much-used and abused cliché and purveyors of doom and gloom abound.

Tons of opportunities exist for tech SMEs and startups to disrupt the traditional manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain sector using emerging technologies such as Internet-of-things, robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, augmented, virtual and mixed reality, computer vision and other accepted technologies.

Some of the focused areas in New Normal

  • Digital manufacturing
  • Smart processes and systems
  • Logistics and supply chain
  • Health sector
  • Food
  • Green-tech

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